Frank Hoogerbeets

Earthquake Forecaster and Researcher at SSGEOS

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WhO IsFrank?

Frank Hoogerbeets is a well-known earthquake forecaster and researcher at SSGEOS. He is currently trending on social media platforms such as Twitter due to his accurate prediction of the recent earthquake in Turkey. He is recognized for his expertise in forecasting earthquakes, and his work has gained significant attention and recognition in the field.

Frank Hoogerbeets Tweets

Frank Hoogerbeets is a Dutch researcher and seismologist who gained notoriety for his earthquake predictions based on alignments of celestial bodies. On February 3, 2023, he tweeted about a potential earthquake in Turkey and the tweet quickly went viral.

frank hoogerbeets prediction tweet
Image: Frank/Twitter/SSGEOS

Can Earthquakes be Predicted?

It is important to note that earthquake prediction is still a developing field and the ability to accurately predict earthquakes is still limited. Currently most earthquakes occur without any warning and while there are some methods for identifying areas with increased risk. There is no reliable method for predicting the exact timing and location of earthquakes.

Frank Hoogerbeets Predictions

Frank approach was unique and attracted a lot of public interest especially because of the lack of reliable methods for predicting earthquakes. The media often sensationalizes stories about natural disasters and disasters that have yet to happen, which likely contributed to the attention surrounding Hoogerbeets predictions.

It is important to note that while Frank predictions may have been popular, they should not be taken as official earthquake forecasts. Currently most earthquakes occur without any warning and the science of earthquake prediction is still developing. The public should always rely on official sources such as the US Geological Survey and local seismic monitoring agencies, for accurate and up-to-date information on earthquakes.

Frank Social Media

Frank Hoogerbeets social media presence gained a significant boost after his tweet predicting an earthquake in Turkey went viral. The tweet caught the attention of many people and quickly spread across various social media platforms leading to an increase in the number of his followers. He has used social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram to share his ideas and to interact with his followers.

Twitter Follower Before Tweet Goes Viral

Frank hoogerbeets twitter Followers Before

Twitter Follower After Tweet Viral

Frank hoogerbeets twitter Followers - After

Frank Hoogerbeets Current Twitter Followers

Frank Twitter Follower
Frank Unique approach to earthquake prediction which is based on alignments of celestial bodies and his ability to generate buzz on social media likely contributed to the surge in followers. The media attention surrounding his predictions further increased his visibility and reach and many people turned to his social media accounts to stay updated on his latest predictions.

Frank Hoogerbeets Twitter

Frank Hoogerbeets Twitter Account
Image: Twitter

Hoogerbeets Twitter page offers an array of posts that range from news on major earthquakes to predictions based on data analysis. He often shares detailed information about seismic readings, as well as images of satellite imagery showing where tremors have occurred or are likely to occur soon.

Additionally, he provides updates on new research related to earthquake prediction technology and its application in various countries across the globe – all presented with a unique visual style that makes it easy for readers to understand what’s happening at any given moment.

For anyone interested in following up-to-date news related geology or natural disasters, Frank Hoogerbeets Twitter page is an indispensable resource filled with valuable information. With over 1.3 Millions followers already tuning into his feed daily, there’s no doubt that this scientist continues making a huge impact through social media!

Frank Hoogerbeets Fake Twitter Accounts

Frank Report Fake Twitter Accounts
Image: Twitter

Frank has been facing a lot of fake accounts using his name on the platform. Despite this, Frank remains determined to educate his followers and protect his online identity. He reports and tweets about these fake accounts to warn his followers about the dangers of misinformation and impersonation on social media.
Frank Fake Twitter Accounts
Image: Twitter

He takes a proactive approach, reminding his followers to always be on the lookout for fake accounts and to only follow his original Twitter account @hogrbe for accurate and trustworthy information.

With Frank’s vigilance and commitment to transparency, his followers can feel confident that they are receiving genuine updates and insights from the real Frank.

Frank Hoogerbeets Instagram

Currently Frank don’t have any official Instagram page, But SSGEO have it.

SSGEOS is an Instagram account that regularly features unique insights into the cosmos and its effects on Earth’s seismic activity. They share educational videos about astronomy and related topics that are both informative and fascinating.

If you’re interested in celestial events like eclipses or meteor showers, SSGEOS is the perfect account to follow. They regularly update their page with interesting facts about these events and provide detailed analysis of planetary alignments that could potentially cause earthquakes or other natural disasters around the world.

I believe that following SSGEOS will not only be informative but also enjoyable for you. So, I highly recommend checking out their Instagram page and giving them a follow. You won’t regret it!