Potential Strong Earthquakes Ahead: March 13-17

As we approach the grand Sun-Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on 13 March, a rare celestial event, it’s important to consider its potential impact on Earth. This conjunction, along with additional alignments involving Mercury, Venus, and the Moon, has sparked discussions about increased seismic activity.

The Space Science and Geophysics Observatory (SSGEOS) monitors atmospheric electric charge fluctuations near sea level. These fluctuations, in relation to Earth’s axis rotation, may indicate regions more susceptible to seismic activity. While these predictions are not precise, they provide a general idea of where activity could occur.

It’s crucial to understand that earthquake prediction remains an inexact science. The regions marked with purple on the maps are approximations.

Earthquake Prediction 13 March 2024
Image Source: ssgeos.org

There is no current method to pinpoint exact locations or times for earthquakes.

As we observe these celestial events, let’s stay informed and prepared while acknowledging the limitations of our predictive abilities.



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