5.0 Magnitude Earthquake Struck Shasta County, California

Shasta County, California – A powerful 5.0 magnitude earthquake struck Shasta County on Friday morning, causing widespread shaking and concern among residents. The seismic activity occurred at approximately 10:24 a.m. local time, centered about 7.5 miles west-southwest of the community of Fall River Mills, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

The earthquake originated at a depth of over nine miles beneath the Earth’s surface. Its epicenter was situated approximately 50 miles northeast of Redding and about 290 miles north of Sacramento. Following the initial tremor, a series of aftershocks with magnitudes as strong as 2.5 were recorded in the region.

Reports from the USGS Felt Report revealed that several hundred individuals reported feeling the shaking within the first few hours after the earthquake. Most reports came from Shasta County, while a few reports were received from areas as far away as Chico and some communities in Oregon near Medford.

Fortunately, no immediate damages or injuries have been reported in connection with the earthquake. However, authorities from the California Geological Survey have cautioned that an earthquake of this magnitude has the potential to cause damage to structures located near the epicenter.

The region where the earthquake occurred is known to have several fault lines, including both Holocene faults (those that have moved in the last 11,700 years) and quaternary faults (faults recognized at the surface that have moved in the past 1.6 million years).

In response to the earthquake, the state’s earthquake warning system and the MyShake smartphone application were activated by USGS and state officials. This activation is standard protocol for earthquakes measuring magnitude 4.5 and above.

The USGS also reported a separate earthquake measuring magnitude 2.9, which occurred approximately 130 miles southwest of the initial quake in Shasta County, just 11 minutes before the stronger tremor.

Residents in the affected areas are urged to remain vigilant and prepared for potential aftershocks. It is advised to follow safety guidelines provided by local authorities and earthquake preparedness organizations.

California, known for its seismic activity, experiences earthquakes frequently due to the movement of tectonic plates beneath the state’s surface. It is crucial for residents to remain informed and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety during such events.

Further updates on the situation will be provided as more information becomes available.


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