Stronger Seismic Activity May Occur in The Next Two Days

A recent prediction that has caught the attention of many is based on the alignment of the Moon and Jupiter. As per the prediction, stronger seismic activity may occur in the next two days due to this alignment. While this may be concerning it is important to note that such predictions are not always accurate.

The prediction also mentions that recent fluctuations could become significant for 15-16 March. This implies that there may be an increased likelihood of earthquakes during this time period. However, it is important to note that even with the latest scientific advancements earthquake prediction is still not an exact science and it is impossible to predict the exact time location, and magnitude of an earthquake.

While predictions based on celestial alignments can be intriguing they are not the only method used for earthquake prediction. Seismologists use a variety of methods including analyzing seismic waves monitoring changes in the Earth’s magnetic field and studying historical earthquake patterns to predict future earthquakes.


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