A Stronger (After)Shock Is Possible in or Around Central Turkiye in The Next Few Days

The recent earthquake that hit Central Turkiye and Syria on 6 February 2023 was one of the most devastating natural disasters in the region’s history. The magnitude 7.8 quake killed more than 50,090 people, injured thousands more, and destroyed countless buildings and infrastructure. The quake was followed by hundreds of aftershocks, some of which were also very powerful and damaging.

But the worst may not be over yet. According to the SSGEOS, a stronger aftershock is possible in or around Central Turkiye in the next few days. This means that there is a chance that another earthquake, which was the largest aftershock so far, could strike the same area or nearby. Such an event could cause more casualties, damage, and disruption to the already struggling rescue and recovery efforts.



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